What is Prolotherapy?

rsz_depositphotos_45984161_mProlotherapy is the non-surgical solution of supporting the body in healing injured, lax or torn ligaments and tendons using natural substances and concentrated healing factors found in the body to induce the proliferation of healthy regenerated tissue.

How is Prolotherapy performed?

A careful examination and history begins the process to determine the exact location of trauma and other underlying limitations to healing.

Dr. Pomroy uses a fine needle to inject natural proliferant solution into damaged tendons, ligaments and joints. This natural solution induces an astonishing healing reaction. Your body’s own natural tissue growth factors are further released and fibroblasts (the body’s repair cells) are drawn to the site of the injection where they lay down new collagen, enlarging and strengthening the damaged connective tissue. Three to eight treatments are usually required.

Tendons connect our muscles to bones and ligaments connect bones to bones. Aging, injuries or illness can cause tendons and ligaments to lose their strength and elasticity. The body’s natural healing mechanisms repair most damages; still, many are left incompletely healed. Ligaments are rich in nerve supply, thus even minor injuries can cause severe pain, dysfunction and movement restriction, producing chronic pain in the hands, elbows, shoulders, hips, knees and feet, as well as neck, ribs, back and sacrum. Prolotherapy re-activates the natural healing response, allowing the tissue to regenerate and heal completely.
Yes, in fact, prolotherapy is the perfect compliment to physical therapy, chiropractic, acupuncture and massage. Whenever ligament pain is involved, prolotherapy will enhance the benefits of other therapies. Weakened or damaged ligaments generate pain associated with an injury. Pain can begin simply from the normal course of aging (damge due to normal wear and tear). Prolotherapy specifically stimulates the proliferation of new collagen in ligaments and tendons. This new collagen strengthens and repairs dysfunctional and lax ligaments, stabilizes joints and relieves pain while helping muscles to relax and vertebrae to stay in alignment. Thus, Prolotherapy is supported by and supports other healing therapies.
Naturopathic medicine is a complete and comprehensive system of medicine that focuses holistically on healing. In the course of a prolotherapy experience with Dr. Pomroy, you will be assessed for nutritional and lifestyle factors that will enhance and help to sustain the benefits of Prolotherapy.
All joints have ligaments and tendons that can cause chronic pain when injured. While not all joint pain is caused by ligamentous injury, Dr. Pomroy has successfully treated the following conditions with Prolotherapy:

  • Arthritis pain: hand, wrist, finger and thumb
  • Arm and elbow pain: tennis elbow, golfer’s elbow, epicondylitis and carple tunnel
  • Shoulder pain: rotator cuff injuries, frozen shoulder and impingement syndroms
  • Knee pain: osteoarthritis, lax or partially torn ligments, meniscus tears and kneecap pain
  • Leg, foot and ankle pain: runner’s injuries, toe and metatarsal pain and ankle sprains
  • Plantar fasciitis: heel pain, arch pain
  • Hip pain and arthritis: degenerative hip disease, bursitis and groin sprain
  • Neck pain: migraines, headaches, arthritis pain and ligament injuries
  • Low back pain: Disk disease, herniation, chronic pain and subluxations
  • Sacroiliac pain syndromes: sciatica, arthritis and coccyx pain
    TMJ syndrome: grinding and clenching of the teeth, locking of the jaw, pain in the TMJ

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