Why Detoxification Cleanse?

rsz_depositphotos_45984161_mOur World is filled with pollutants and toxins that poison you and stop your Wellness from being fully achieved. This trend has been growing for decades and is increasing.

The problem is this: THESE TOXINS ARE ACCUMULATING IN OUR BODIES, with no slow-down in site; except what we actively choose to do about it.

That’s the good news! YOU can do something about it.

While our bodies have built-in abilities to help cleanse and remove toxins, it often cannot keep-up with the rate of exposure. The rapid increase in man-made toxins over the last 70 years and the shear volume and rate of exposure to these toxins is greater than what the human body can keep up with or has had time to adapt to.

You may not be getting enough of the nutrients needed to keep detoxification running smoothly, which is a recipe that limits the body’s ability to help itself. Nutrients are rapidly used up as the body cleanses itself, and need to be replenished.

We have found that replacing these nutrients needed for detoxification, requires supplementation and cannot initially be over come by diet alone.

The human body is an amazing concert of activities and functions that work closely together to help maintain our health. Every cell in the body plays its part in the process.

However, the LIVER and other organs of elimination, are given the incredible task of eliminating these toxins out of the body. The LIVER converts harmful chemicals into non-harmful chemicals, which can be eliminated from the body.

In order to do these amazing things, the LIVER needs lots of nutrients; SPECIFIC nutrients (to be exact), in order to achieve successful detoxification.

Dr. Pomroy designs and provides a variety of detoxification programs to assist in the removal of toxins such as:

  • pesticides
  • solvents
  • heavy metals
  • plasticizers
  • hormonal and other chemicals

All these types of toxins are at some level influencing and controlling our normal hormonal, cellular, and metabolic activities. The influence becomes greater the larger the accumulation.

Take Action Today!

You’ll be Happy you did!

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