What is Biodentical Hormonal Balance?

When needed, bio-identical hormone replacement is offered as part of an overall plan for wellness recovery. HOWEVER, the rootcause of your hormonal and endocrine imbalance is usually not that your hormones are out of balance! Everyone following me?

Your endocrine system produces the hormones required to keep your system healthy and balanced. You know the endocrine system as the thyroid, pituitary, adrenal glands, ovaries, testes, pancreas, etc.

These days, our hormonal and brain chemistry is being pushed to the limits. There are underlying and overlapping stressors which are the real culprits of endocrine system dysregulation, rather than can simply be attributed by aging alone.

Most of the patients I see are mis-diagnosed regarding their hormonal imbalances. I recommend we look deeper into the true causes of your symptoms.

But when hormones ARE low, this will contribute to the overall dysfunction and symptoms and slow the recovery process.

As needed, hormonal replacement is offered. And when I order hormones for my patients, I work with specialized pharmacies who custom make your natural bio-identical hormone prescriptions.

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