When will we get this one right here in the UNITED STATES?
For over 16 years, I have educated patients and colleagues alike, on the dangers from mercury placed in the mouth by dentistry. It was a problem when it was placed in my mouth as a child, it is a problem today, and it will continue to be a problem long after I have moved on.

Our EUROPEAN cousins have for years been the LEADERS in the dialogue of the hazards found in MERCURY dental fillings. Countries have banned its use in dentistry.
The World Health Organization (WHO) urged moving away from dental mercury amalgam in 2009.
And just last month, another European Commission report from BIOS (BIO Intelligence Service) recommends a phase out of dental mercury and mercury in batteries.
There”s a reason for these reports: Significant evidence of risks for negative health effects from mercury.
The ADA (American Dental Association) largely refuses to connect the dots, and continues to assert that there is no harm to be found when mercury is placed in the mouth as a filling.

There is an organization that educates dentists and advocates mercury free dentistry. The IAOMT is a resource for understanding the concerns of safely removing mercury from the mouth and a resource for locating a biological dentist near you for proper mercury removal.
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