Naturopathic doctors (ND’s) and medical doctors are both educated in the same basic and clinical sciences and laboratory diagnosis.

However, ND’s primarily use natural, low toxic, and low negative-impact therapies as a first-line approach to treating illness. We are skilled at preventing and treating illness using a combined understanding of multiple medical disciplines.

We have many tools to improve your mind, body and spirit. ND’s successfully treat and diagnose illnesses of all type. We use the least invasive means possible to treat our patients and often have solutions to problems western medicine finds difficult to treat.

As needed, we may prescribe prescription drug medications along with natural therapies. We offer clinical nutrition, hydrotherapy, homeopathy, botanical medicine, and many other therapies to treat our patients.

No. We will not bill your insurance company. You are responsible for all fees at the time of each visit.

We offer service-summaries that you may submit to your insurance company. This does not guarantee reimbursement, however, patients have received payments from most of the major insurance companies.

We respectfully request 24 hours notice for cancellation or changes to an existing scheduled appointment. Fees apply if appointments are missed or changed without this advance notice.

For complex cases, the first appointment is two hours and will cover a thorough health history, current health concerns, physical examination, and review of laboratory results. In-office testing using EAV (electrodermal screening) or ART (autonomic response testing) may be used to assist in determining the course of treatment.

Recommendations for treatment plan and additional laboratory testing (as needed) will be discussed.